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What's on my desk?

My empire of dust

Photo of the desk from afar

My home office

I try to do all my real work from the office 🏢 but my home space 🏘 is super important too. It’s where I work on my hobby projects 🔧, learn 📚, game 🎮, draw ✏️ and browse the web 🌐.

Photo of the PC

The PC

The current build is:

I had this PC 🖥 for quite a while now and I’m really bad at planning upgrades so I just switched from a 2TB HDD to the four 512GB SSDs and upgraded the RAM sticks 🤷️.

Top view of the desk


I’m currently using a single Dell UltraSharp U2414H 24” display 🖥️. I was used to a dual monitor setup but after moving I had to downgrade to a smaller desk 😫️ and one of the screens had to go 😢️. In my workflow I’m relying hard on the virtual desktops.

Photo of the keyboard



I bought two Hykker X Range mechanical keyboards ⌨️ in a different colors 🎨️, they were super cheap 🤑️ and came with the imitation of Cherry MX Blue switches that I love the sound of. At the office I have upgraded the key-caps to the Cool Jazz white-blue mix, now I’m looking for something cool 😎️ to put on my home keyboard.


I’m using a Steelseries Rival 110 gray gaming mouse 🖱️. It’s quite elegant and simple for this type of a device 👍️.


I have an ancient Genius EasyPen F610E tablet that I use for drawing and photo editing 🙂️. It’s not the greatest device but with the current Wacom prices 💸️ I don’t think about upgrading anytime soon 🤷️.


When friends come over we play on two Logitech F710 Wireless Game-pads 🎮, they work great with Linux 🐧️👌️ and are very comfortable to hold. I’m supper happy with them.

Photo of plant and candle


My speakers are the Logitech Z-323 2.1 system, they work nicely enough 😑️. My headphones are the Corsair HS50 🎧️ and I love them, both the build quality and the sound are amazing 😍️.

For audio input I have a Superlux E205U diaphragm microphone 🎙️ on a suspension stand.

Other fluff

Apart from the obligatory cup of coffee ☕️ I also keep on my desk the Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark II camera 📷️ with the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital f/1.8 14-42mm lens that I used to take the pictures for this site. There’s also an eGo AIO e-cigarette from Joyetech that I recommend to anyone trying to give up or limit smoking 🚭️, some cables, a trusty companion in the form of a Peperomia plant 🌱️, and a scented candle 🕯️ for setting up a focused, creative mood 😋️.

On the go

Photo of me holding my laptop

My laptop

I got myself a Vizio CT14-A1 Thin+Light laptop 💻️ for a ridiculously cheap 🤑️, it works great for taking notes, browsing web, answering emails, and sort of manages running the Android Studio 🙄️.

Other tech

When I have my laptop I also usually carry with me a Logitech Ultra-Thin T630 touch mouse 🖱️ and a Xiaomi’s Mi Pro HD earphones 🎧️.

Photo of the office desk from the top

My office

At the actual office 🏢 I have a two monitor setup, the same Hykker mechanical keyboard ⌨️ I use at home, workstation is a Dell Optiplex 9020 with a few upgrades (RAM & Memory) and I have my own Superlux HD-681EVO headphones 🎧️.

My desk is usually cluttered with a ridiculous amount of plants 🌿️, notes 📔️, pots and mugs of different hot beverages 🍵️ and there is also a rat 🐭️ and a duck 🦆️ 😝️.

I also sticker-bomb everything wherever I am and go.